Weight Loss / Gain

Diet and exercise still remain the most important factors in weight loss.

Being overweight can be caused by over-retention of fluids and this is commonly seen in our country. The function of the ‘Spleen’ in Chinese medicine is to ensure that body fluids are transformed and transported around the body. If the Spleen is not functioning well then body fluids will accumulate in the tissues which will lead to weight gain and a mixture of different symptoms depending on where the fluid is being retained. For example, fluids can accumulate in the joints leading to joint pain and restricted mobility.

It is vital to look at diet when dealing with weight problems. Eating the wrong type of food for a long period of time is going to lead to an imbalance.

Acupuncture and Chinese Dietary Therapy are very effective in helping with weight gain that is caused by over-retention of fluids.

By making a traditional diagnosis, the acupuncturist can see if there is any underlying problems which could be hindering weight loss. Thyroid dysfunction, polycystic ovaries, sluggish metabolisms, or diabetes could all be examples where an underlying condition affects your weight. By attempting to tackle the underlying issue, we can make it easier to resolve the symptoms and lose the weight.

Within acupuncture and herbal medicine, there are also methods to reduce cravings and increase will power which are used in this area.

Many clients have found that as a side effect of their treatment for another condition they have increased energy and motivation to take some exercise or become more active, this is an effect that Acupuncture by balancing the body’s energies often has.