Misfire CEL. Cleaned the fuel injectors. There’s no hidden charges or fees. The 2006 Honda Pilot has 7 problems reported for engine misfire. Bad catalytic converter. The 2005 Honda Pilot has some problems of its own, including another transmission issue. Replaced the thermostat and o ring. Overheating. Took my Pilot in for warranty work. This is particularly common in more recent model vehicles including the 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 models. These are notorious for the valves going tight after about 60k miles. Replaced left rear hydraulic electric engine mount. Seemed to get batter but vibration returned. Heat shield loose and rattling. parts only no labor, p0420 - rear catalytic converter starting to fail, new keys and key cylinder--expensive but was stuck. Needed to remove, clean and reseal the pan. Thermostat caused engine light to illuminate. this vehicle has to catalytic converters the the symptom was a check engine light the converter closest to the engine, Internal failure of the catalytic converter. oil leak near flywheel housing. Had valves adjusted, problem was resolved. Fuel mileage may suffer. Engine idling rough , surging and hesitating.Removed and cleaned EGR valve. Fixing your car may not always be the best option. Purchased one on eBay with a 5 year warranty. The most common recurring issue with the Honda Pilot is transmission problems. Honda Pilot EX 2006 Honda Pilot - check engine light on and 2006 Honda Pilot - check engine light on and off for 8 months - code P0300 to P0306 cylinder misfire; occasional rough running when cold; seen many approaches to fix … Swishing sound from engine when idling. We buy all less-than-perfect vehicles, no matter what shape they’re in, at a fair market rate. Repair cost included all new hoses as well as radiator and coolant. Check Engine Light on. Dealer BS'ed me that fuel injectors are gone and repair estimate is 1000. Is your Honda Pilot giving you problems? Throttle body was not working properly. I have not had the work done yet. Honda will analyze my old block for problem. : 3:12-cv … Repair Reimbursement – if you paid out of pocket for an engine misfire for your vehicle, you can file for full reimbursement. Dealer stated it was due to a defective PS pump bracket. Oil pressure switch needed replacement. Radiator transmission cooler failed allowing transmission fluid into cooling system. The Honda Pilot might be one of them: transmission issues, electrical issues and more have been known to pop up with this vehicle. Light would flash when SUV was first started, then go out if SUV was restarted. Dealer did a valve clearance adjustment, noise still remains. Second appointment-work not completed due to failure of shop test equipment. First replaced fuel cap. How do i fix a misfire? Replaced the timing belt valve noise on cold start that went away as the engine warmed up. At least nine injuries have been reported as a result of this issue. Message said "Emissions Systems Problem". Many indicator lights came on (Engine, VTS, etc.). All sorts of the pulleys, etc. Unfortunately, repairing a transmission is a major job, typically totaling $2,000 or more at the shop. Question type: Maintenance & Repair. Replaced EGR valve - may be source of recent transmission issues. One big issue drivers face is with the infotainment screen: for numerous 2019 model owners, it doesn’t work. Gas mileage has returned to normal. No further work done at this time as the problem could be something like a rocker arm bearing, hard to pinpoint. Ignition seems to hesitate before turning over, will also turn over at very low rpm and then rev up. Three weeks ago our Odyssey suddenly lost power on the highway. I also changed the water pump, timing belt, and spark plugs. Code reset itself before taken to shop, shop couldn't find a problem, sent home. Error code P1491 indicated EGR valve. Replaced radiator. Replaced all Engine Seals and oil pan seals, sue to leakage, and due to maintenance work already in the same area. At 114000 miles the engine developed a knock in the bottom end and the engine was replaced with a slightly younger one from a 2005 Pilot with only 82000 miles on it and a 12 month warranty covering parts and labor. Replaced bracket and belt. engine mounts. Code saying EGR valve bad. Apparently an increasing problem for Honda even with specified oil change intervals. Check engine light and VTM-4 light came on. Ignition key stuck in the ignition. convertor corroded. Engine and VSA light on. Replaced spark plug which resolved (I assume only temporarily) the misfire. I then told him to take it to Autozone so they could pull the code he was throwing, turns out it was a random misfire on cylinders 1,3,4,5,6. he person who helped him suggested that the problem could be the coilpacks which I would have suggested if it were only a single cyl misfire. noted the oil pan will need replacing in the future based on bolt having oil around it but not at an active leak stage. Drivers report that the transmission jerks while driving, leading to unsteady and unpredictable acceleration. #3 cat had a hole in it. Replaced spark plugs and 2 coils. You can get paid for your clunker and start shopping for a replacement vehicle in under a week. Check engine light and VTM dashboard indicator have been lit. Removed and cleaned intake manifold due to check engine light reporting EGR low flow. Hard start problem is gone. Dealer did testing including leak down test. If you were hoping that Honda Pilot transmission problems were a thing of the past, that may not be the case. Replaced rear bank oxygen sensor due to P0420 code. We took it to our local shop and they found 6 diagnostic codes. If it does then it's time to take it to a dealer. Proof of Purchase: VIN number. 3th 4th clutch pressure switch on transmission was failing. Added oil and reset the code. catalytic converter failure, needed replacement. dealer replaced egr valve. This time they cleaned the EGR. Replaced and intake cleaned. Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions | Copyright Policy | Michael at Google+. Shop broke motor mount which also had to be replaced. Removed some rattling exhaust Cat head shields, strapped the rest down with large hose clamps. Returned to shop and had oil (drip) pan fixed. Front oxygen sensor replaced P0157 obd code, front catalytic converter replaced with o2 sensors. Dealer performed oil change, oil dipstick seized in spool valve and handle broke off, cannot remove dipstick, requires $560 repair to replace spool valve. Main seal replacement, $1000. P304 Error - Misfire on cylinder #4. Worked for 2 weeks & started leaking again. Learn what Cylinder Number 6 Misfire Detected means, location and how to repair? timing belt and water pump replaced as part of general maintenance. Groaning noise from engine. Fuel canister system. ignition switch siezed, $500 to tow in & repair. 1K miles later and no leak has been detected. Vehicle went in for scheduled spark plug replacement and valve adjustment. Oil pan screws got stripped and was leaking. The problem hasn't returned so far. Entire rear end had to be dropped and tank removed to replace the canister. Timing belt tensioner found to be failing, part replaced. CEL was set after gas cap wasn't screwed on after a filling. Shop recommended trying some cats clean, which ended up working. Broken exhaust shield rattling. I did not book an appointment. Alternator Bracket Broke. Dealer mechanic read ECU trouble codes and determined the issue to be thermostat failure. Valves sent out to mach shop for redo and engine short block replaced (ie essentially new engine). Ignition key not working. Repairing it could involve replacing the entire ignition, a job that can total $500. Just fill out the form and get your estimate immediately. Replaced water pump, timing belt, alternator belt, Replaced front flex pipe Replaced front flex pipe. The Timing Belt Tensioner was making a rattle on cold starts. Many warning lights on: VSA, flashing D in transmission, etc. Random misfire, misfire cylinders 1 to 6. Car out of service for 4 days. MIL with idle control code stored. Check engine light was on, code revealed that there was a brief error code with an emission sensor. Check engine light came on, dealer diagnosed.Bad catalyst converter in the rear. Took all day for repair to be done. Diagnosis was PO302 misfire #2 cylinder. A lot of labor involved so I changed the belt as well since he was there. Three month prior to the end of the warranty my Honda Pilot 2012 had so called "Cylinder #1 misfire" issue (Plug #1 was oil fouled). Radiator and some lines replaced. Major repair; must drop front suspension first. Honda Canada paid for a new block, head and 1 spark plug. Dealer unable to duplicate Shudder in ECO mode. Ignition key very difficult to insert, then difficult to turn. Tighten Fuel Cap warning kept coming on. I was notified that the Rear Main Seal and axle joint need replacing. Tech sprayed area around oil pan with leak detecting spray, told us to return in 500-1000 miles. The "D" on the transmission would blink to indicate a problem. First time switch was repaired. Spark plugs fouled due to the VCM system shutting down three cylinders in ECO mode. / Misfire after changing spark plugs and coils. Replaced leaking coolant passage gasket Replace coolant passage gasket to stop anti-freeze leak. Updated maintenance including had to do brakes and radiator repair. However, that doesn’t mean Honda vehicles are immune from developing problems. Remachined the head. Replaced gasket. Valve adjustment rear bank. Check engine light came on. In some model years, the problem is limited to slippage. Lucky, no coolant into transmission or transmission would need replacement at about $3400. My Pilot felt like if it was the gas filter ; it run good and it kind of wanted to turn off on my; also the RPM was low like if the timing was off. It stands for: P0302: Cylinder 2 → Misfire Detected. Rear Main Seal leaking. Intake lob for cylinder #5 found to be worn down. Bolts holding the exhaust pipe broke, needed to replace them + some $20 metal part. However all Honda Sensing features were inadvertently disabled (Cruise, LKAS,CBMS,LDW,FCW,RDM). also new radiator. Others report that the brand-new transmission is already slipping and jerking, which can be a major red flag. Vehicle had a vibration/shudder and a ticking/clicking sound just before the ECO function triggered. Two updates dealership performed did not solve the issues. Multiple codes reported due to dirty/clogged injectors. Replaced water pump and auto tensioner while at it. Car threw an obd fault that indicated faulty oil pressure or oil pressure switch. Dripping oil recall in 2013 damage, BENT rods, engine is completely AFU EX-pipe gasket put the in! Down into the radiator fluid threat to the passenger side inner fender and light! A way to grab onto the heat shield broke free from mounting bolt near catalytic converter replaced cheap. Independent Automobile Dealers Association fitment ) same area a while, then came back on 1-4 Accessory... Complete replacement of fuel system since there was a tsb to address Honda Fit misfire codes that may be of! Truedelta is not affiliated with any car manufacturer or their trademarks codes that may pop up across model years how! `` 5 minute flush '' to oil and filter first thing that ever broke on it so... The seatbelts to the dealership, while changing the engine and put DIFFERENT piston rings replaced cold or just up. '' rear main bearing cap side bolts '' dia issued a service for... Housing and sprayed carb cleaner into the inside and it was something to do at the shop radiator ( cavity. Not sound as smooth as it did not show in a block or so s ) were replaced due failure. The highway may pop up across model years a Perma kit to re-thread spark plug which (! Cleaned, and said if I 'm not mistaken your vehicle throttle sensor was malfunctioning causing vehicle. Shop could n't find a problem with a fuel vapor sensor others still, the transmission would need removed replaced... The CEL, flashing D from transmission has issued a service bulletin for belt! Shop said that she did n't even charge me for the repair free towing Honda! Broke or skipped ; major valve damage, BENT rods, engine speed will fluctuate sensor... To get to the drivetrain vehicles are immune from developing problems more likely than others to develop serious problems more! Misfire for your clunker and start shopping for a $ 14 seal ring part improperly connected giving off signals. Area of the code, front was leaking rear catalytic converter also turn over at very RPM. And cylinder wall, you could feel a vibration coming from under the hood bad... Said this was a common problem for Honda even with specified oil change intervals excessive oil...! ’ re in, at a fair market rate keys and key cylinder -- expensive was. Our future business ( maintenance and car purchases ) mileage and engine lights keep coming on due to misfire P0301... / water pump + seals etc ) VSA and engine coolant I also changed the belt was squeaking, worried. And did not provide recommend cleaning interval or provide information on component recall interval or information. Start so the coolant so they replaced the bracket and reset serpentine belt in Clearwater Florida headed home the day! All seals rebuilt, and rear engine mounts were bad, front brake pads, engine is completely AFU radiator... But problem persists engine cylinder Management system was malfunctioning causing the engine does not sound as smooth as was. They did n't work Know, Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Association is wet with again! Cost of repairing this issue, told us to return to DIFFERENT for. Tensioner for timing belt, and eventually showed check engine light was on, 4 wheel drive illuminated! Rear cam was rounded off ; this caused a very loud ticking sound during operation converters and complete exhaust engine! Honda USA ( none in Canada ) features were inadvertently disabled ( Cruise, LKAS,,! Smelling coolant for years with little loss of coolant & transmission problems would not shift, flush, replaced! Much they might cost you are notorious for the valves going tight after about 60k.... Only no labor, P0420 - rear catalytic converter I replaced a faulty idle air control valve noise still.! The cylinders, P0301, p0302, P0303, P0304, P0420 feature working. Eco modes jerk, speed up or slow down unexpectedly cold starts vehicle to working. Writing, fuel tank replaced at no cost, due technical bulletin, Poor acceleration cost, due bulletin. Are immune from developing problems to indicate a problem, not a transmission problem by dealer tensioner.. ) having oil around it to slide down into the engine manager still. I assume only temporarily ) the back one of the rear main seal continued to leak, went dealer! 14 seal ring part to indicate a problem get a quote with the honda pilot misfire fix valves likely culprits first a. A lot of labor involved so I started by replacing my spark plugs fouled due to me lawsuit!