How do I get to Oasis Acupuncture Clinic?

The clinic is at 7 Old Yellow Walls Road in Malahide. It is at the front of the Seabury Estate near Centra supermarket and overlooks the Broadmeadows estuary. There is a map on the directions page to help you. Click here for Directions

What happens on the first consultation?

A detailed medical history is taken. Paraic will ask a lot of questions to diagnose the illness from a TCM perspective. He will look at your tongue and takes pulses on both wrists. When he has decided on diagnosis, he will explain his treatment plan. If agreed, he will then treat you. How long is each treatment? The first consultation and treatment usually takes 90mins. Subsequent sessions take 50-60mins.

Does acupuncture hurt?

Most people experience only mild discomfort for a few seconds when the hair-fine needles are inserted. Paraic will make adjustments to limit and minimize any discomfort. He always aims to put his patients at ease and endeavours to make the treatments as gentle and comfortable as possible.

Is acupuncture safe?

Acupuncture is regarded as very safe when administered by properly trained practitioners. In his clinic Paraic uses only high quality, sterile needles with guide tubes. The needles are only used once and disposed of safely.

Is Paraic a member of any national register?

Paraic is a member of T.M.C.M.I. (tcmci.ie), who are national registers that represent and regulate Acupuncture professionals in Ireland.

Does my Health Insurer cover my treatment expenses?

All TCMCI members are approved by VHI, QuinnHealth ( formerly BUPA), HSA and VIVAS, who provide cover for treatment. Check your policy to find out what cover is provided.