Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbal Medicine forms part of the oldest continually practiced tradition of healing the world over. Its written history extends back over 2,500 years.

Many of the materials used in ancient and contemporary ‘Herbalism’ irrespective of Tradition are common foods. Minerals and other materials are also used. Herbal medicine prescribed by professional practitioners are widely regarded as both safe and reliable. However, reckless ‘self-prescribed’ administration is to be shunned entirely.

This is not only to preserve the integrity of the many Traditions of herbal Medicine but to protect the general public from harm. Herbal Medicine can have many ‘contra-indications’ and can cause great damage if not respected and used safely and professionally.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is based on health and not disease; as evidenced by the large amount of formulae (ancient prescriptions) which serve to strenghten and protect the Body and its many systems. Through understanding health, one can understand disease.