The death to cancer of a close friend prompted Paraic to review his life. His background is in IT, Project and Business Management. He had worked for many years in one of Ireland’s top companies, rising through the ranks to a senior management position.

However he wasn’t happy and he hated the prospect of working until retirement in a job that he no longer enjoyed. When an opportunity to change his lifestyle arose he decided to take a risk and try something different.

He left his job and decided to take a complete break. Paraic, his wife Yvonne and their five children spent the next six months in New Zealand. They had a brilliant time, travelling all over the north and south islands, enjoying all that great country has to offer.

After coming home to Ireland he met Dr Vincent Carroll, a highly respected professional in both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Impressed with what he heard, he returned to study and spent 3 years learning Chinese Medicine at Lansdowne College www.lansdownecollege.ie.

After early success in his first year of study, he knew that he had found what he was looking for. Since qualifying with his Diploma in Chinese Medicine he has undertaken other studies in TuiNa massage, Sports Medicine and Reiki. He has also been to China where he undertook advanced studies and worked in a number of the major hospitals.

Nowadays, working from home in his busy practice, Paraic enjoys combining family life with his passion for Chinese Medicine. He uses his training in Chinese Medicine, all the skills from his previous employment and his 50 years of life experience to diagnose and treat his patients.

When he gets time he likes to indulge his other passions: windsurfing, swimming, diving, tennis, squash, cycling, cars, photography and nature.