Welcome to Oasis Acupuncture

Paraic’s clinic, located in Malahide, Co.Dublin, is a Traditional Chinese Medical Clinic. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a complex medical system from China which has developed over the last 3000 years. It is used to diagnose and treat illness and injuries, prevent disease and improve well being. It is a holistic system which views illness not just from a physical aspect but also from a mental, emotional and spiritual perspective.

Paraic’s vision is to provide a safe, caring and effective practice, at all times operating to the highest professional and ethical standards.

He provides treatments for a wide range of conditions and is passionate in his belief that TCM can bring significant improvement to his patients’ health and well being. All his treatments are on a one to one basis usually lasting 50-60 minutes.

Paraic is also a Reiki practitioner and gets much faster and lasting results by combining Reiki healing with the needles. In recent months he has been using a Golden Teishen needle in his treatments. Although primarily intended for scar tissue regeneration, he and his patients have been surprised by the difference this one tool has achieved.

Although Acupuncture is the principal therapy, Chinese Herbs, Electrostimulation, Cupping, Tuina massage and Moxibustion are used depending on the condition. Patients are also advised on diet, exercise, relaxation and lifestyle.

Conditions and Treatments

Scar tissue Rejuvenation